We believe in offering the highest quality of care in a natural herd setting.

For the senior members we can offer large forage based mashes as needed, extra TLC, daily medications as needed, medical care, strengthening ground exercises, BEMER treatments. We have a heart for keeping horses healthy and happy, living out into their twilight years as they are able.

We also have younger herd members who are unable to be ridden for one reason or another, who receive a high level of palliative care and are able to enjoy their lives.

Our boarders have full access to the facilities and trails that run throughout the property, including a beautiful brook crossing. A short ride up the quaint, dirt, Rush Meadow Road is access to an enormous trail system and the Green Mountain Horse Association members arena and trails.


Horses live out in pastures, dry lots or on a track system with herd-mates to promote the most natural living environment possible. All horses have access to shelters, bedded with shavings, or straw during the winter season for a comfortable, dry place to rest. We often see them laying down in groups in the shelters. Horses at Renegade live in groups of 2 or more, to promote the need for a herd for emotional safety and stability.


They are offered free choice hay to mimic horse’s natural need to have access to forage. Horses boarded here also have individualized care. We separate into separate feed areas for mashes or individual feed, 1-2 times per day as needed.


  We have a variety of areas our horses live in on our 87 acre property, and believe in environmental enrichment as horses are able to enjoy it! This means they get access to different areas of the land and enjoy exploring new environments, if they are physically capable. We have woods, tracks, meadows, pastures, and utilize rotation grazing techniques to work in harmony with the land and the horses.

My horse Faith has found her forever home at Renegade. She’s dappled and glowing and has never looked better. Katie is a master teacher and a gifted guide to understanding horses and their behavior, and I have not one doubt or worry as to the care Faith is receiving. She is absolutely living her best life at Renegade!

Carin Cundey

Renegade Boarder

After riding for almost 20 years, it was so refreshing to train with someone who looked at horse and rider holistically and from the horse’s perspective. My horse and I have been so blessed to work with Renegade Equine! I would absolutely board my horse with her if we lived in the same state still!

Elyse Lazartic

Renegade Client

Katie is among the best horse professionals that I know. She is always kind and encouraging. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her both in using groundwork and in the saddle to improve my horsemanship skills. I have learned so very much over the years from her patient teaching.

Cyndi Hannes

Renegade Client

About us

Founded by long-time equestrian and trainer, Katie Dixon, Renegade Equine helps equestrians build holistic connections with their equine partners to improve performance through understanding their natural behaviors.

Our philosophy

Our training methodologies are guided holistic and personalized approaches based on personality assessments, horse and rider needs, and goals. We travel locally for lessons in and around Brownsville, Vermont and are available nationally for clinics.

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