At Renegade Equine we operate from the belief that we are in relationship with our horses. Their voice and considerations are imperative to the relationship’s health, depth and success. Through giving our horses a voice and choices, and learning how to converse with them, we learn to build a relationship based in trust, truth and kindness. We value giving humans and horses the skills they need to be a calm, confident partner.


Groundwork improves the horse-human relationship through confidence. This can be achieved through some of the following programs:

-Foundational Groundwork
-Young horse gentling and life skills
-Colt-starting prep work
-Mustang Gentling
-Strength building and rehabilitation after time off
-Senior / Retiree programs
-Positive Reinforcement / Clicker training 101
-Trail skill building
-Ground driving and long-lining
-Liberty work

Holistic Guardianship

Comprehensive educational program for those interested in learning to care for equines in a horse-forward, holistic way.

Topics may include:
-Learning the language of the horse
-Designing an environment with the horse in mind
-Herd Dynamics
-Personality assessment
-Health Checks and assessments
-Vital signs and first aid
-Designing an enrichment program for body and mind
-Emergency planning and preparadness

Problem Solving

Full problem solving support program designed holistically around your horse’s individual needs, or learn about behavioral modification with one of our herd members.

Some examples of support are:
-Trailer Loading
-Vet Concerns and medical phobias (needles, oral syringes, etc
-Farrier support and hoof-handling confiidence building
– Spookiness

Mounted Instruction

At this time we do not offer riding lessons with our equine partners at Renegade Equine. We do offer relationship based riding instruction to indiviuals who have their own horses. At this time Katie will travel to you for lessons, and once our arena is finished we will have a haul-in option.


Courses are typically 6-12 days and have 8 participants on average. These are immersion learning experiences. 

– ROTH Horse Course
-Renegade Equine Care and Guardianship course


Clinics are typically 4 days and have 4-12 participants on average.

-Holistic Stewardship Weekend Workshop
-Relationship-Based Equine Handling 101
-Confidence Building Through Obstacles
-Trailer Loading Clinic
-Youth Horsemanship Clinic

Private Intensives

Spend a weekend or a week with Katie. 2 lessons per day and the opportunity to watch all training sessions taking place on the farm for the days you are here. Connect with Katie to design your custom immersion learning program with your horse or with one of our equine partners!


Renegade Equine accepts individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge with an intensive immersive program for 3, 6, 12 months at a time. Applicants are those who have a desire to obtain an in-depth education in holistic equine care, biomechanics, equine behavior, nutrition, groundwork, and education in balanced seat riding. 

Holistic Guardianship Membership - through Patreon

Patreon platform is a fun way for us to connect, support, educate and enrich our relationships with our horses, our human friends, and ourselves.

When you become a Patreon at any level, you will have access to the private Facebook group which is designed as a safe space for holistic horse-people to connect. All memeberships include a monthly 2 hour video conference,  I will be sharing WWKDD (What Would Katie Dixon Do) articles on a regular basis, based on suggestions from the herd (YOU!) as well as first updates on the goings on at our farm in Brownsville, VT as we build a facility mindful of its impacts on the herd, the earth, the other animals who live on this land, and the humans. The middle and top tiers also gain you access to a special discounted rate on virtual lessons and consultations, as well as training tips, ponderings and footage of the work I am doing with horses currently!

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After riding for almost 20 years, it was so refreshing to train with someone who looked at horse and rider holistically and from the horse's perspective. My horse and I have been so blessed to work with Renegade Equine!

Elyse Lazartic

Renegade Client

Katie is one of only a handle full of people I could trust working my horses. She is knowledgeable, respectful, and just an amazing person in general. I would have never found my horsie soulmate, Spice, if it weren't for Katie!

Jordyn DeCarlo

Renegade Client

Katie is among the best horse professionals that I know. She is always kind and encouraging. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her both in using groundwork and in the saddle to improve my horsemanship skills.

Cyndi Hannes

Renegade Client

About us

Founded by long-time equestrian and trainer, Katie Dixon, Renegade Equine helps equestrians build holistic connections with their equine partners to improve performance through understanding their natural behaviors.

Our philosophy

Our training methodologies are guided holistic and personalized approaches based on personality assessments, horse and rider needs, and goals. We travel locally for lessons in and around Brownsville, Vermont and are available nationally for clinics.

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