Equine Craniosacral

Newly adapted to the equine world in the last decade, Craniosacral therapy is a uniquely efficient way to keep horses in biomechanical balance and maintain skeletal and muscular health. Craniosacral therapy is also used successfully in treating specific equine conditions such as headshaking, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) imbalances, head traumas and facial nerve paralysis. Craniosacral therapy is highly effective in treating both acute and chronic injuries. What makes this therapy unique is its specific focus on the equine skull and its relationship to the rest of the body. Application of Craniosacral Therapy Equine Craniosacral practitioners apply specific hands-on techniques to the horse’s body to release restrictions in the musculoskeletal system and in the fascia, a tissue that weaves the whole body together like a spider web. Craniosacral is an energy-based therapy using light contact like acupressure. There is no physical manipulation to the bones and tissues. While specific attention is given to the cranium, spine and sacrum, treatment is not limited to these areas due to the way the body is connected. Practitioners are trained to first assess the equine client’s movement, posture and soft tissue. Hands-on techniques applied help to release restrictions throughout the body’s musculoskeletal and nervous system, restoring postural balance and fluidity of the biomechanics.
Treatment How do you know when your horse needs or may benefit from Craniosacral therapy? Craniosacral is used with success in the treatment of:
  • Behavior problems
  • Biomechanical issues
  • Cribbing or teeth grinding
  • Difficulty with respiration
  • Facial nerve paralysis
  • Headshaking
  • Head traumas and injuries
  • Imbalances of the TMJ and the muscles of mastication
  • Lameness or difficulty with transitions
  • Low back / stifle / hock joint problems
  • Lameness / stiffness


I had the opportunity to watch Katie work with 6 feral horses, who had been traumatized by their journey, with roundup, auction, killbuyer, and transport. Her gentle approach and communication with these horses moved them forward to become happy, thriving beings. Katie is a miracle worker and an asset to anyone looking to use holistic methods.

Caty Camp

Equine Advocate

Katie's use of holistic modalities made all the difference in the world. We discussed comprehensive options for essential oils, husbandry alternatives, herbs, nutrition, massage and energy work. When someone exceeds your expectations to the degree that she does, you'll wonder why you were ever taught another way. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend!

Candy Akers

Renegade Client

I have two challenging horses who Katie helped me start and now are amazing, irreplaceable members of my family. Not only does Katie meet your horses where they are at, but she meets you where you are at as well. No judgments ever passed, just guidance and support. Katie has a knowledge of training and horse wellness that is well beyond anyone I have ever met.

Emmi Weinstein

Renegade Client

Disclaimer: Craniosacral therapy, integrative bodywork and herbalism are not meant to be used as a substitute for veterinary care, but to work in conjunction with it. The ultimate goal is to provide a whole body/mind approach to healing and performance. Please consult your veterinarian before changing from your normal health care routines.

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Founded by long-time equestrian and trainer, Katie Dixon, Renegade Equine helps equestrians build holistic connections with their equine partners to improve performance through understanding their natural behaviors.

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Our training methodologies are guided holistic and personalized approaches based on personality assessments, horse and rider needs, and goals. We travel locally for lessons in and around Brownsville, Vermont and are available nationally for clinics.

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