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Our mission at Renegade Equine is to provide children of all ages a chance to gain equine education through a safe, thorough, and fun environment. We offer a program consisting of an 8 week series, 1 lesson per week, to teach children about equine safety, care, health, and the skills necessary to prepare them to ride.

Why Renegade? At Renegade Equine we truly believe in partnering with our horses, not using them. The Renegade Equine program has been created to give your child the correct tools, support, and environment to become a compassionate, considerate, and caring leader. We focus on building the human-equine bond while learning the correct skills to assist and propel them in their journey in the equine world. Through this process your child will not only learn those valuable skills but once they graduate the program they will be offered the chance to take on more responsibility and become confident in their learning. Our program encourages the child to use what they learn and apply it to their everyday life.

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I had the opportunity to watch Katie work with 6 feral horses, who had been traumatized by their journey, with roundup, auction, killbuyer, and transport. Her gentle approach and communication with these horses moved them forward to become happy, thriving beings. Katie is a miracle worker and an asset to anyone looking to use holistic methods.

Caty Camp

Equine Advocate

Katie's use of holistic modalities made all the difference in the world. We discussed comprehensive options for essential oils, husbandry alternatives, herbs, nutrition, massage and energy work. When someone exceeds your expectations to the degree that she does, you'll wonder why you were ever taught another way. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend!

Candy Akers

Renegade Client

I have two challenging horses who Katie helped me start and now are amazing, irreplaceable members of my family. Not only does Katie meet your horses where they are at, but she meets you where you are at as well. No judgments ever passed, just guidance and support. Katie has a knowledge of training and horse wellness that is well beyond anyone I have ever met.

Emmi Weinstein

Renegade Client

About us

Founded by long-time equestrian and trainer, Katie Dixon, Renegade Equine helps equestrians build holistic connections with their equine partners to improve performance through understanding their natural behaviors.

Our philosophy

Our training methodologies are guided holistic and personalized approaches based on personality assessments, horse and rider needs, and goals. We travel locally for lessons in and around Brownsville, Vermont and are available nationally for clinics.

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